new kernel + kde = hard crash + filesystem damage

Axel Gonzalez loox at
Tue Oct 12 22:43:53 PDT 2004

I was running thsi kernel/world:

FreeBSD 6.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 6.0-CURRENT #0: Sat Sep 25 
21:56:43 CDT 2004     root at  

On sunday I decided to upgrade.. cvsuped current, built world and kernel, 
installed and everything was fine until that point.

After log in in kde, machine hard crashed.. after reset file system was badly 
damaged, many ufs inconsistences and lost files. KDE files were unusable.

Since then i have rebuilt kde base/libs several times (with new world/kernel) 
and it seems the same.. it hard crashes when starting any kde app, and after 
reboot file system damage.

At the moment im using old kernel (sep 25), and new world (oct 10).. it seems 
to work ok (at least no crashes).

Has anyone experienced this ?

On weekend i'll do a clean install (again), and rebuild everything from 
scratch with -CURRENT, to try to eliminate any possible dependency problems.

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