amd64 on Asus K8V SE Deluxe

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Thu Oct 7 05:58:41 PDT 2004

* Tim Robbins <tjr at> [041004 11:55]:

> > 
> > thanks for that, I got it installed now with that options and the COMPAT_43
> > either, but I am ofcourse keeping on, cause I want to see how the system
> > goes, and where the problems are, so that for the RELEASE things will be
> > up and running as needed. And no users' complains :)
> > 
> > so, do you mean is "bad" to enable that option ?
> > what are the problems I might encounter ?
> COMPAT_43 won't cause you any problems. The reason it's disabled is that if
> a "stable" release of FreeBSD/amd64 were to ship with that option enabled by
> default, users could rightly assume that the additional system calls, ioctls
> and quirks it enables would be available in future releases.

Hi !

Things seemed to run fine, beside some ports that are
still not supported for amd64, the rest look good.
 But constantly ( as reported also in other mails from
the mailing lists ) when I try a scp of a file > 50MB
it freezes, not only the sk0 but also the system,
which I cannot then reach in any way.
Then I must reboot ( cold boot ) the machine.

To memeber this is an ASUS K8V SE Deluxe, with a:

skc0: <Marvell Gigabit Ethernet> port 0xb000-0xb0ff 
mem 0xfde00000-0xfde03fff irq 17 at device 10.0 
on pci0
skc0: Yukon Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Adapter
sk0: <Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. Yukon> on skc0

I hope this can be of any help, not only for me.

Thanks! everyone

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