FreeBSD AMD 64 just hangs during boot

Tomaz Borstnar tomaz.borstnar at
Sun Oct 3 03:15:27 PDT 2004

At 16:18 2.10.2004, you wrote:
>Dear all.
>I've been trying for month to get my server to run FreeBSD 5.x AMD64
>without much luck.
>So far I always thought that the culprit was the 3ware 9500-8S card.

I tested FreeBSD 5.3beta with 3Ware 9500-8 in 64 mode and worked just fine. 
No problems at all.

>3)At that stage I was convinced it was the 3ware card as it wasn't
>recognized before.
>So I removed the 3ware card from the server and was amazed to see that
>it wasn't the 3ware card after all, but it seems to be the Adaptec SCSI
>Ultra320!! When this one was working fine in the past.
>I thought of a drivers incompatibility, so in the BIOS I disabled

Yeah, I disabled Adaptec before installing things.


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