amd64 on Asus K8V SE Deluxe

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Sat Oct 2 13:29:22 PDT 2004

* Sean McNeil <sean at> [041002 21:37]:

> > But what's that thing about Linux32 ??
> > where do I find it ?
> If you look in the freebsd-amd64 mailing list archive you will see all
> kinds of discussion about it.  My kernel is built with 32-bit binary
> compatibility by adding:
> options         COMPAT_IA32             # Compatible with i386 binaries
> and Linux 32-bit with
> options         COMPAT_LINUX32
> options         LINPROCFS
> I do not think these are setup as loadable modules yet, but I might be
> mistaken.  Loadable modules work great now too, so there is no reason
> they couldn't be built as modules I should think.
> The reason it is called Linux32 compat is that there are aspirations for
> eventually adding Linux64 compat.
> I think someone fixed the ports for linux_base so you should be able to
> install that too.
> > Guys, thanks a lot :) so you gonna get a login as soon as it's ready !
> >     ( if you want, ofcourse ;^)
> Thanks for the offer, but I have my AMD64 workstation and it is running
> everything in 64bit mode plus Linux32 emulation ;)  Eagerly awaiting a
> native JVM...

:) as you wish... I think is fine to share !

But thanks very much I am doing that already, and also
I take care of the link

> I'm using java/linux-sun-jdk14 without any problem.
> --
> Francois Tigeot

So we will see... I will let you know.

thanks again,

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