isp driver not 64 bit?

David Gilbert dgilbert at
Tue Nov 30 12:46:04 PST 2004

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Wemm <peter at> writes:

Peter> On Tuesday 30 November 2004 11:39 am, Wilko Bulte wrote:
>> On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 08:05:39PM -0500, freebsd-list at
>> wrote..
>> > After a bunch of frustrating debugging, I've tenatively come to
>> the > conclusion that the isp(4) driver is not 64 bit safe --- at
>> the > very least insofar as the amd64 platform is concerned.
>> Side note: isp(4) has been in use for years on Alpha, and I do not
>> recall having seen problems like yours on it.  Mind you, not much
>> FC connections I ever used on it.  The only thing critical for
>> success on Alpha is loading ispfw.ko *always*.  Matt (mjacob) has
>> noted that multiple times, and he is absolutely right.
>> Wilko

Peter> I haven't seen an alpha with more than 2G of ram that we booted
Peter> on.  Is it possible that isp has never been tested with >4G
Peter> ram?

I had the machine tested with hw.physmem=2g and it works.

Peter> Secondly..  what release is this on?  I'm wondering if the
Peter> horrific busdma bugs in 5.3-RELEASE might be a problem if the
Peter> machine does have
>> 4G ram.

I updated to -STABLE as of yesterday morning and it changed the nature
of the panic somewhat, but did not fix it.

Peter> Third, is this a machine ram size problem or a disk volume size
Peter> problem?  The original post was about a 131G FC volume and
Peter> calculating the wrong number of sectors and the wrong sector
Peter> size...

Someone pointed out to me that my integer was 0xDEADBEEF ... which
somewhat squared with my use of 'options INVARIANTS' on the kernel.
Note that the scsi_da.c size printf shows the correct size.


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