FreeBSD 5.3 installation problems on EM64T

Scott Long scottl at
Tue Nov 30 05:14:15 PST 2004

 > > How much memory do you have?  Are those ATAPI CD drives?
 > >
 > I had 6 GB all along, and was just trying 2 GB.  Well, the
 > installation went through!!  I am surprised that the error
 > resulting out of more memory in the system looks as bizarre as:
 > "The disc in your drive looks more like an Audio disc than a
 > FreeBSD release."  Thanks for the help!  ACPI still doesn't work
 > though.
 > And yes, both are ATAPI/IDE CDROM drives.

FreeBSD 5.3-R has bounce buffer problems on both amd64 and i386 with
 >4GB of RAM.  This will definitely cause strange data corruption on ATA.
I fixed 5-STABLE and 6-CURRENT last week, so you should update.

ACPI works ok on my EM64T system (a pre-release Intel 7520BD2 board).
Not sure what to say except to see if there are BIOS updates for your


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