How to use older libs in 32bit mode?

Peter Wemm peter at
Sat Nov 27 12:25:55 PST 2004

On Saturday 27 November 2004 06:30 am, Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
> Hello
> On 27/11/2004, at 7:38 AM, Peter Wemm wrote:
> > I've merged some of the changes (rtld-elf/reloc.c and
> > libc/i386/gen/_set_tp.c), and removed from RELENG_5.  If
> > you were to build a new set of libraries, I expect it will work
> > now. libc_r threaded binaries might work, but libthr  and
> > libpthread binaries will not.  If you need to run something
> > threaded, you can set libmap32.conf to remap all libthr or
> > libpthread references into libc_r.
> did a make update this morning and I saw your changes; now buildworld
> doesn't compile anymore !

OOPS!  I'm an idiot!

Now I've added the missing parts.
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