acroread on the amd64

Ernst W. Winter ewinter at
Wed Nov 24 12:45:22 PST 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Chuck Robey wrote:

> > > Trying to get apsfilter working, and it wants acroread, so I'm
> > > going to *try* that first.  In my own experience, although it's
> > > rare, there ARE those docs that get read by acroread, and not
> > > by xpdf, I've seen them.
> > >
> > well I never used that option and with xpdf there where a time
> > when there where some hickups, but so far no more, also as I said
> > there is gpdf and it works well and I have seen others with kde
> > that do the job well, so far I have collected some Gigabyte of
> > documents as I do research for people and neve had any problems
> > and do I can't comment on Acroread either.
> Well, you did say (above) that you didn't try acroread, so I guess
> you probably didn't even realize that one of the files that you
> might have given up on, "garbage", actually might have printed with
> acroread.  Not common .... maybe not worth the work, I dunno, the

Hmm, so far I had no problem, as I can convert it to something else.
I have some experinece with that, and I can assre you since I started
with Unix (that was with 386BSD form Bill Jollitz) and I never used
any WINdum software as I'm very content with what FreeBSD has to
offer. I tmight not be always there when you want it, but on the
other hand I have learned to live with many things and found some
nice conversions for various documents.

I just had a example that someone sent me a *rtf and as a dcoument
and the second part as *doc and you can just load them up with
Abiword and convert them or print them and also manipulate them and
then conver them again. I LOVE it!!!

> damn install from Adobe is very , very unfriendly, I will have to
> hack the heck out of it to get it to work, not sure I want to
> invest all that skullsweat.
Why should you? I lived without and never used it and have nice life
and do many conversions and there is enough software around to mak
my life easy.

> I do know how to do that, but I don't think it's worth too much
> time.
Why bother, there are too many things around in the Unix world that
can do wonders with some of the conversions.


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