3000Z Bugs Noticed Now That Its Running

Astrodog astrodog at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 05:56:39 PST 2004

Well, now I hope we have a larger base for 3000Z work, so I figured I'd 
post the bugs I've run into so far, in no particular order. If you want 
more information on one, feel free to drop me a line, just posting this 
so other people know what they're getting in to.

#1. No ACPI, I'm working on this one now

#2. Kernel Panic when you close the lid. Goes away when ACPI is enabled, 
but then the boot gets stuck.

#3. Loss of usable LCD display when you switch from X back to a normal 
terminal. Goes into what looks like an old TV with its vertical sync fried.

Beyond those 3 things, which I think extend to most mobiles before they 
get some attention, its golden. I haven't tried nvidia's own drivers 
yet, or DRI... we'll see soon.

--- Harrison Grundy

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