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Adriaan de Groot A.deGroot at cs.ru.nl
Sun Nov 21 13:20:46 PST 2004

On Sunday 21 November 2004 21:52, Dude Dude wrote:
> I'm confused...
> Apart from the cpu, i need a power supply AND a cpu coole??
> i want something not expensive, but silentiest as possible...
> thx

Dude, this isn't really the list for basic I-want-to-build-a-computer advice, 
it's a list for questions specific to the use of FreeBSD on amd64 (and 
possibly 64-bit Intel processors, with which I'm not familiar). If you want a 
complete checklist of parts you will need to build a computer,  here:

1) A box to put it in. This is often called a "case", but can be a carboard 
box for all that the machine really cares about it.

2) A power supply, to provide power to the computer. While power is often 
called "juice", Snapple just won't cut it.

3) A motherboard, to put inside the case and attach the actual computery bits 

4) A CPU, or "brain" for the machine. This is installed on the motherboard.

5) Memory for the machine. This is often sold as "DIMMs", but don't be fooled, 
they're quite smart, and will refuse to operate if you don't get the right 
kind or speed. Check the compatibility list of your motherboard vendor. For 
consumer-grade amd64 boards, there are usually only 3 DIMM slots available, 
and populating all three causes a speed degradation -- personally I'd aim for 
2x512M PC-3200.

6) A CPU cooler (HSF, for Heat-Sink and Fan), which will keep your CPU from 
melting and dribbling through the case and into the ground, where it will 
melt a hole straight to the earth's core just like on Three Mile Island.

Depending on the uses you want to make of the machine, you may also want a 
keyboard, mouse, monitor, video card. Sound cards and networking devices are 
often found on-board the motherboard and needn't be purchased separately 
anymore, unless you have special needs (quality audio comes to mind). Oooh, a 
hard-drive and CD drive are useful, for installing FreeBSD amd64 5.3-R, for 
which ISO's are available from ftp.freebsd.org.

Hope that helps,

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