jdk @ amd64?

Palle Girgensohn girgen at pingpong.net
Fri Nov 19 17:55:45 PST 2004

--On fredag, november 19, 2004 16.58.56 -0800 David O'Brien 
<obrien at freebsd.org> wrote:

> On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 12:33:51AM +0100, Palle Girgensohn wrote:
>> I've been trying to dig the archives for info about running a native JDK
>> 1.4 on an AMD64 system (Dell 2850, really "EM64T"?).
>> Can anyone get me up to speed with how this is done, if it is possible?
>> Do  I need lib32 stuff to run the jdk, and is that what the
>> src/tools/lib32/build32.sh script creates? Is it not possible to run the
>> JDK in "native" AMD64?
> Sun did not port the JDK to the AMD64 platform until version 1.5.  So if
> you want 1.4 you have to use a 32-bit version.  You can either use the
> Linux JDK or maybe even the 32-bit FreeBSD/i386 one.

I guess I can live with that, java is not the main purpose for this 
machine. 32-bit, can I just run it, or must I do some wizardy to get 32-bit 
libraries in place, à la Peter Wemm's build32.sh script i in tools/lib32? 
COMPAT_IA32 is set in the kernel.


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