nForce 3 150 vs. VIA K8T800

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at
Fri Nov 19 15:59:35 PST 2004

David G. Lawrence wrote:
>>On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, David G. Lawrence wrote:
>>>So, given a choice between an AMD64 motherboard with nVidia nForce
>>>3 150 chipset or VIA K8T800 chipset, which one actually works and
>>>what are the tradeoffs?
>>well I had a Gigabyte G-K8NS with a socket 754 and nForce 3 250
>>chipset but switched to a ASUS A8V delux socket 939 with a chipset
>>VIA K8T800 and the latter is better as well more things seem to work
>>with less down sides. I think the latter is much better with the
>>dual channel memory and runs faster. But then again this is only my
>>recent experience with AMD64.

  Today  I tried the VIA 8237 SATA I/F  for the first time on my socket 939 K8T800-PRO
  MSI K8T Neo2 Fir Board, it worked.

   So now I know that :

  the K8T800-Pro is recgonized as VIA_K8
  the re0  Gigabit Ethernet I/F  works
  the usb  I/F'es works
  the PATA and SATA  works.
  the sigmatel STAC9708 AC97 chip is reconized. ( although I use the EMU10K1 )
  the FireWire ( via VT6306 ) i/F is regonized, I have yet to try it.

  Basically I have not had any of the problems with onboard NIC's that seems to be
  abundant with the Nforce3 chipset.
  Not any ACPI-APIC  problems.

  Choose socket 939 because of its superior DualDIMM Memory bus.

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