[PATCH] if_sk(4) rx/tx "hangs"

Thomas E. Zander riggs at rrr.de
Mon Nov 15 07:04:11 GMT 2004

Good morning,

On Sat, 13. Nov 2004, at  0:47 +0000, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote
according to [[PATCH] if_sk(4) rx/tx "hangs"]:

> Any feedback appreciated.

Unfortunately, it does not do the trick here (Asus P4P800SE,
Marvell 88E1000, RELENG_5), but it does something else :-)
I don't see watchdog timeouts anymore; instead trying to fetch a large
file (> 1MB) just hangs. It starts and after 500-900k the ftp client
doesn't receive further packets.
ssh doesn't like this patch at all. After typing some (say, 10) chars
into an ssh connection, the ssh client exits with
"Bad packet length <something huge>"


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