[PATCH] if_sk(4) rx/tx "hangs"

Clint Olsen clint at 0lsen.net
Sat Nov 13 06:18:44 GMT 2004

On Nov 12, Peter Wemm wrote:
> I think he was saying he created a 1GB file from the contents of
> /dev/urandom and then timed the transfer of this over 100Mbit/sec link.
> Anyway, the point was that it worked!  Could the problem with the K8V SE
> really be as simple as we've been hardcoding 128K of ram for a device
> that only has 64K?

So, are you suggesting that it's worth testing this patch?  I'm on
5.3-STABLE, and I got so pissed off last night with my sk0 interface that I
brought the machine down and disabled the onboard network and installed a
Linksys 100Mbit card.  My board is the ASUS P4P800-SE, but I believe the
interfaces are the same/similar.

My favorite way to hang it was to use gtk-gnutella.  Massive amounts of
small-sized inbound traffic seemed to bring on the hang (the tell-tale
'watchdog timeout' kernel message).


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