Commitable R3000Z Patch!

Brooks Davis brooks at
Thu Nov 11 15:29:19 GMT 2004

On Thu, Nov 11, 2004 at 05:55:20AM -0800, Astrodog wrote:
> The patch is located at
> testing was
> quite limited, but essentally, if you set hint.atkbd.0.disabled to 1,
> it disables the test. I suppose it could be renamed to any number of
> things, the code is a whole 2 lines, and is quite obvious. I'm gonna
> wait to see if it makes -CURRENT in the next day or so, so I don't end
> up with people grabbing ISOs from me if I don't have to (Snapshots
> servers are your freind). Automatic detection code to follow in the
> next day or so. This was tested on a Compaq 3004US, and it solved the
> reboot problem. I also tested on a dual opteron 240 machine, and when
> the hint is not set, it has no effect. I'm going to double-post to
> freebsd-current in hopes of getting it committed sooner, so all of us
> 3000Z-base laptop owners can have our fun with FreeBSD.

Do you really have to use this hint?  You're changing the meaning of
only one disabled flag which we're trying to make consistant.  If that's
all you can use at that point, we'll live, but it seems ugly.

-- Brooks

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