How to debug >2GB memory issues (and 3ware)

Michael R. Wayne amd64 at
Wed Nov 10 08:56:28 GMT 2004

I originally wrote:

> I have a Dual 4GB system with a 3ware SATA controller that's working
> properly as long as I restrict it to 2GB with:
>    hw.physmem=2G

This is a Arima HDAMA board with 8 512M Corsair memory modules
(which the Rioworks site says should work).  Today, we discovered
that it works OK with 6 memory modules (3 GB) but not 8.  If anyone
is running a similar setup and needed to do some BIOS tweaks, I'd
love to hear about it.

> Is there anything I can do to try to debug this or are there any
> tricks to either debug or solve this?

Have not seen any good suggestions on this.

> > Oh, and is there any support at all for finding out the 3ware status?
> > It would be nice to know if a drive fails but 3dm is marked i386 only.
> > 
> Currently, there's no CLI/3DM available for FreeBSD amd64.

True.  ETA one month (per 3ware tech support).

/\/\ \/\/

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