installing new system

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Tue Nov 9 01:33:24 GMT 2004

I am trying to bring up a new system, and in doing this dual opteron, I
can't get the mouse to work.  Specifically, it's a USB radio-linked
Track-ball.  I just took it off the older linux system, and since it works
exactly like a mouse, I tried to bring up the /dev/ums0, but on running
that, I see no mouse cursor.  I used the -m on option to vidcontrol, to
get the mouse cursor on, but that didn't do it, I still see no cursor.
The dmesg seemed to find the usb device fine, and so did usbdevs.  The
kernel is the default one from the boot image on the website, I have not
compiled my own system yet.

X11 can't see the mouse either .... well, actually, X11 at least displays
the mouse cursor, but the mouse refuses to move.  I have expoerimented
with /dev/sysmouse and /dev/ums0, using protocol Auto, but it won't work.

I sure could use some help.  The machine is on-net, if someone wants to
poke around a bit.

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