[Q & A] Bootup too quick, switch port isn't up...

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at withagen.nl
Fri Nov 5 03:09:26 PST 2004

Sean Chittenden wrote:

> [ This email is mainly line noise at this point, but, it's probably  
> better ]
> [ to have it in the archives since I didn't find anything when I was  
> looking ]
> [ earlier.  While about to push send, shmaz on irc came up the the  
> answer. ]
> [ Many thanks.  -sc ]
> Alright, I joked about this last time, but I'm actually having problems  
> related to amd64 booting too quick (slower damn it! slower!)   All  
> joking aside, someone at the data center today suggested I install  
> Linux as a solution to FreeBSD booting too fast on amd64...

How about asking the people at the data centre to hard set the port to the 
mode that you prefer. Even cisco's can be hardwired in a config.

Or tell them to buy proper switches. :)


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