ioctl() 64-bit issues

Stasys Smailys ssmailys at
Wed Nov 3 06:15:17 PST 2004

Still not working. System is

[deepred at omega64]:[~] > uname -a
FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE #0: Tue Nov  2
10:04:01 EET 2004
root at  amd64

ata_queue_request() returns zeros in request->* 
after calling acd_get_progress() in dev/ata/atapi-cd.c. If 
request->u.atapi.sense_data.sksv is 0, then *finished is 0. That's why 
pct always gets zero, even if it has a value. Other functions don't care 
about second value when calling acd_get_progress() so they are not 
sensitive. Could it be that acd_get_progress() is deprecated and should 
not return anything excluding 0 or ENOMEM?

Stasys Smailys

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