sk driver works fine 5.3rc2 - amd64

Goran Gajic ggajic at
Tue Nov 2 01:25:11 PST 2004


I have reported problems with sk driver in FreeBSD 5.3RC1 on amd64 on
Fujitsu Siemens Celsisu (dual amd64 box with 4 GB memory).
I have tried new 5.3RC2 and now sk driver works fine. No crashes for last
24h. However I have noticed that SMP is disabled in GENERIC kernel (on
amd64). I have recompiled kernel with SMP enabled, but machine also works
fine for last 24h - no crashes so far. I have also tested 5.3RC1 on single 
processor i386 and sk driver works fine. Whatever problem was seems it has 
been fixed in RC2.

Goran Gajic

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