buildworld: internal compiler errors

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Tue May 25 22:10:26 PDT 2004


I have - once again - installed a crossbuild release of
FreeBSD for amd64.

My problem is that while the machine is pretty stable itself (no more
crashes as with 5.2.1R etc., IO up to the limit, ...) I am not able
to successfully finish a make buildworld.

I had added
COPTFLAGS=      -O -frename-registers -pipe
to my make.conf (also put that make.conf in the chroot of the release
build this time).

But still 9/10 times the build fails somewhere in stage 2.3 (build
tools) with an internal compiler error (I can post some logs this
afternoon if needed).

So the questions is: is buildworld asssumed to complete cleanly or is
there anything else to tune ?
Or should I tripple-check my hardware (memory comes to my mind) ?


Bjoern A. Zeeb				bzeeb at Zabbadoz dot NeT

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