Why is MySQL nearly twice as fast on Linux/AMD64 Vs.FreeBSD/AMD64?

JG amd64list at jpgsworld.com
Fri May 21 04:07:22 PDT 2004

At 10:48 AM 5/21/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>With mybench it wont is a purely sequential test which has no concurrency
>so will only ever use 1 cpu / thread in the db.
>     Steve / K

Ahh that makes sense I guess.

Ok, time to see if JeremyZ will fix some of the Super-Smack compile 
problems on FreeBSD.
About a month ago he said a 1.3 would be coming out very soon.

I'll start posting benchmarks from Super-Smack over the network.

Super-smack is here btw:

If you download it, first thing to do is in client.cc change __FreeBSD to 
__FreeBSD__ to avoid the
ERESTART compile failure.

Regardless, I still think my inital MyBench results were an indication of 
significant performance loss
Vs. (Mandrake) Linux no? Even if it is related to the NIC driver, it should 
be a cause for concern since
the test systems and method was exactly the same.

- JeremyG

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