Why is MySQL nearly twice as fast on Linux/AMD64 Vs. FreeBSD/AMD64?

mike mike at mike2k.com
Thu May 20 12:26:52 PDT 2004

well i am not sure then if we're proving that statement wrong here then.

obviously there's still some incompatibilities or whomever is developing
the threading stuff in freebsd should be testing against mysql.

i need to setup a production mysql server soon, it will be a dual 1.8ghz
opteron, and i would love to run freebsd amd64 on it, but right now, it
wouldn't make sense if i could put mandrake linux on it and basically out
of the box outperform freebsd as much as 200%...

On Thu, 20 May 2004, Brooks Davis wrote:

> On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 10:39:01AM -0700, mike wrote:
> > i don't know if this is any idea - but why isnt something like
> > linuxthreads ported to amd64? i would think with the 64-bit architecture,
> > it could be even better than the i386 version.
> >
> > again, i am threading-retarded, so if getting linuxthreads working on
> > freebsd 5.x on AMD64 is "not appropriate" because freebsd 5.x is supposed
> > to have it's own better threading library now, then just ignore me; but it
> > seems like linuxthreads has always been the fastest implementation on
> > freebsd. i'd be willing to put $$ towards accelerating the effort to get
> > mysql performance on freebsd 5.x AMD64 better. i don't know what the best
> > setup is, but whatever needs to be done and a way to patch/reproduce it.
> With libpthread and libthr, the linuxthreads port should be redundent.
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