Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Sun May 9 22:03:08 PDT 2004

I got this one on a new Tyan S2882 mobo, is this a sign of hw trouble
or a sw issue ?

zone: PV ENTRY(0xffffff00fbfe7dc0) slab 0xffffffffaf8b8f88 freed address 0xfffff
fffaf8b8338 unaligned.
panic: should be 0xffffffffaf8b8310

at line 264 in file ../../../vm/uma_dbg.c
cpuid = 0; 
Stopped at      Debugger+0x52:  xchgl   %ebx,0x2526d0
db> trace
Debugger() at Debugger+0x52
__panic() at __panic+0x217
uma_dbg_free() at uma_dbg_free+0x118
uma_zfree_arg() at uma_zfree_arg+0x2f6
pmap_remove_pages() at pmap_remove_pages+0x1b3
exit1() at exit1+0xda2
sys_exit() at sys_exit+0xe
syscall() at syscall+0x40e
Xfast_syscall() at Xfast_syscall+0xa8
--- syscall (1, FreeBSD ELF64, sys_exit), rip = 0x658944, rsp = 0x7fffffffe458, rbp = 0x7fffffffe568 ---
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