Installing a new system....

Joe Fenton jlfenton at
Thu May 6 22:17:35 PDT 2004

Willem Jan Withagen wrote:

>>>When thing go as planned I'm getting my dual opteron system this week.
>>>So it is time to start planning....
>>>What I'm wanting to dump on it:
>>>    FBSD AMD64
>>>    FBSD i386
>>>    Win2K i386
>>>    Win2k x86_???? Beta
>>>    linux-amd64
>>>(note it has a 200Gb disk)
>>>What bootmanager should I use.
>Anybody tried LILO for these kinds of excercises??

I have Windows XP Pro on drive 0, partition 0, XP64 on drive 0,
partition 1, and Fedora Core 2 Test 3 x86-64 on drive 1.

I have GRUB set to boot them, but remember to go into the BIOS
and set the Windows drive to LBA mode (if it's on AUTO) or GRUB
won't boot Windows. If you tell GRUB to boot Windows and it just
sits there, that's probably the problem.

The FreeBSD booter didn't have this trouble. Seems to be a
limitation in GRUB. I haven't tried LILO.

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