Possible 3ware 8506-12 SATA Controller issues...

Peter Losher Peter_Losher at isc.org
Tue Jun 22 07:57:56 GMT 2004

So I am tracking down a possible controller issue with a dual-Opteron 
system (running the amd64 port - 5.2.1-REL branch) which has a 3ware 
8506-12 SATA controller controlling 1.2TB of disk space. 

While the system iself is nice, under sustained high disk I/O, the system 
randomly locks up hard. (requires a hard reset)

In trying to diagnose the problem I noticed the kernel recognises it as a 
12 channel controller (albiet from the 7000 series):

% grep twe /var/run/dmesg.boot
twe0: <3ware 7000 series Storage Controller. Driver version> 
port 0x8c00-0x8c0f mem 0xfb800000-0xfbffffff,0xfc7ffc00-0xfc7ffc0f irq 
29 at device 1.0 on pci1
twe0: 12 ports, Firmware FE7S, BIOS BE7X

When we took delivery of the system late last year, the 12 channel 
version of the 8506 card was so new you had to run 5.2-RC2 to get a 
version of the twe driver to support it.  Have there been changes to the 
driver since then to better support this card?

(Of course the problem may be elsewhere, the MB, CPU(s), memory...  The 
joys of HW debugging)  Side note I have noticed that I can install 5.2.1 
on the box and update to the latest patch level, but subequent 'make 
buildworld's usually dies randomly on a signal 4 error.

Best Wishes - Peter
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