[FreeBSD AMD64 Current] passive ftp. WAS: proper Options release name string for: SESNAP 0730

Will Andrews will at csociety.org
Fri Jul 30 14:18:03 PDT 2004

On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 04:00:39PM -0500, stuart nichols wrote:
> Really?  It sure looks like I told you in the marked lines below from a
> previous message:
> ->   > I choose FTP for the media and under URL pick snapshots.se.freebsd.org.

Oh, sorry, my mistake.

> Yes, the box is behind a FreeBSD 5.2.1-R i386 firewall (IPFW2), but I've
> never had a problem installing a FreeBSD system from behind it before.

Well, snapshots.se itself is also behind a nat firewall, which
predictably plays hell on the ftp stuff.  :-(

> I have no idea how to use "HTTP" in the middle of a Custom install.  The
> only HTTP choice in the media is for an HTTP proxy-to-ftp, where it asks
> you what port to use.  If that is the choice you want me to try, you'll
> need to supply the information that it is asking for.

Hmm.  I thought it supported HTTP.  :-(

> In the meantime, just to try it out, I selected FTP passive mode for the
> media and explicitly typed in snapshots.se.freebsd.org.  I also explicitly
> set the release name to 5.2-CURRENT-20040730-SESNAP.  I got much further
> than the previous times, but it stopped after installing the regular
> distribution files and said that it is "unable to get packages/INDEX file
> from the selected media".

Well, there's no packages.  Don't bother trying to install any...

> The 5.2-CURRENT might work.  There is a double indirection from
> 5.2-CURRENT --> 5-LATEST --> 5.2-CURRENT-20040730-SESNAP, and it may have
> been the passive mode problem that was keeping 5.2-CURRENT from working
> before, not the release name itself.  I'll try it at some point.

Actually, I just installed that 5.2-CURRENT symlink as a
temporary fix.  But it really needs to grab the files from the
build it's for...

> I don't know why it needs to do a package install on a new system (I would
> think that if its required, it might as well be in the distribution), but
> let me know what I should do from this point.  When I accept "OK" on the
> packages/INDEX message it simply tries to get the package INDEX from the
> same server again without asking me if I want to reset the media, then it
> gives me the "unable to get packages/INDEX" message again.  Endless loop.

I don't know why it is doing that.  There's no packages for any
of SESNAP's snapshots.  I know the i386 ones work.  Can you try a
minimal install instead of adding all the other stuff you pulled?

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