Announcing - now with AMD64 snapshots

Will Andrews will at
Sat Jul 24 22:34:09 PDT 2004


I wanted to let everyone know (possibly again?) about the other
snapshots site, located in Sweden, which is basically a mirror
of the functionality of the site in Japan.  See:

Recently, the site got an AMD64 box and I succeeded in extending
the scripts to support AMD64.  See:

Note: The AMD64 snapshots have not yet been tested (I do not have
an AMD64 box personally).  Verification of the AMD64 snapshots
generated at this site would be greatly appreciated.

The site also builds i386 and alpha snapshots every day.
Although I admit I haven't been able to figure out what's wrong
with the alpha snaps (they haven't worked since March)...


wca ( operator)
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