possible bad eeprom data on k8v boards?

K Chapman tech2187 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 7 20:09:21 PDT 2004

--- Adriaan de Groot <adridg at cs.kun.nl> wrote:
> OK, I've checked again, and this board _is_ a K8V SE
> Deluxe (it says so when 
> booting). I've munged the sk startup routines to
> print the stuff we read from 
> the VPD, and get the stuff at the bottom of this
> message. The offsets are 
> different from what linux uses, perhaps because we
> read the name separately 
> (and also because I didn't bother to print out the
> corrected offset). There's 
> only one bit where there's a 38 xx 45 in this
> listing, and it doesn't match 
> the 3c that that linux patch checks for (xx=38,
> which is what the patch 
> _corrects_ it to, so I'm going to imagine that this
> EEPROM is ok).
> Next stop, just sending audio through it until it
> stops - the usage scenario 
> that most often locks up the interface. Tonight's
> selction, all the 
> Tragically Hip albums, alphabetically.
> for (i = 0; i < res.vr_len + 1; i++)
> {
>     sc->sk_vpd_readonly[i] = sk_vpd_readbyte(sc, i +
> pos);
>     printf("skc%d: bytes [%x]
> %x\n",sc->sk_unit,i,sc->sk_vpd_readonly[i]);
> }
im no bsd driver expert, for sure...  experts please
step forward...  can you  dump out
i did and it returns (in part) PN40-0779-000ERev 1.2MN
40-0779-000 is the 'id' for the 3c940, ref site:

it would be interesting to see what the k8vse readonly
vpd returns.  the linux driver seems to read the enire
vpd, and parse it for the name, vendor id, readonly,
r/w, etc. parts of the vpd.  so i would agree that
using 0x3f (for example) in freebsd isnt the same as
in linux

FreeBSD rocks

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