sk0 problems on an Asus K8VSE Delux

K Chapman tech2187 at
Tue Jul 6 19:59:26 PDT 2004

--- Mike Jakubik <mikej at> wrote:
hit reply and not reply to all....
> That is very slow for 100Mbit. Should be going
> around 10MB/s.
> > the stuff ive run may have no impact to the others
> as
> > i dont have the k8vse, just a k8v (not trying to
> waste
> > folks time).  are all the issues folks are seeing
> from
> > sk interfaces with dhcp enabled?
> No. I had the issue with and without dhcp, i dont
> belive dhcp has anything
> to do with the problem. It also occured on 5.2.1 as
> well as 5.2-C, on a
> K8V.

the speed is ok for me considering its sftp and not
ftp or nfs...  my other machine in the transfer is not
a great machine either.  i can say with older ssh vers
and other machines, ive seen far far worse.

i added some sata drives and in the process, looked up
my board rev.  its 1.12 (k8v deluxe)

FreeBSD rocks

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