sk0 problems on an Asus K8VSE Delux

K Chapman tech2187 at
Tue Jul 6 13:17:34 PDT 2004

--- Kenneth Culver <culverk at>
> I have the plain k8v deluxe, which has the same
> ethernet chip as the 
> one you're
> talking about, and I've never been able to get that
> thing to work right. It
> wouldn't get an IP using DHCP unless I tried it
> several times. It would only
> transfer at about 2MB/sec, it hung on occasion,
> etc...
> I got so fed up with it that I bought a new gig-e
> card.
ken, have you had a chance to try with a later
i have the same original k8v deluxe (not SE) with the
sk interface and i havent seen any lockups, delays,
slowness, etc.  i have seen the LOR that has been
reported.  i do not use dhcp on it however, so i may
try that and see if it behaves badly, and could folks
try the reverse, hard set the ip if possible?  i know
my board rev is a newer (not the latest) one as the
k8v deluxe had capicitor issues on earlier revs...

i have two 4gig dvd iso's ill try downloading and
uploading from this machine to see if that can choke
the life out of the interface.

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