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Henrik W Lund henrik.w.lund at
Sat Feb 28 06:42:20 PST 2004

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I'm considering investing in an AMD64-system, mainly for home/desktop
use (gaming, programming for fun and just generally goofing around,
trying stuff out), and as such do not need any high-end dual Opteron
setup. I'm thinking of going in on the low-end (AMD Athlon 64 3000+),
mainly due to financial reasons. Either way, it'll be a major step up
from my current P3 733...

Now, since I want to run my favourite OS on the system, I want to know
if  the amd64 architecture is well supported. I know it says on the
website that amd64 is a Tier 1 architecture, but from reading this
list and checking out docs, it seems as if it's just a teensy bit
unstable. Or is this due to fragility of the hardware (with memory
lockups, freezing and such)? It should be stated that I am not exactly
a newbie when it comes to FreeBSD, but in no way am I a wiz either. I
have a modicum of programming skills, but I doubt it that they'll do
me any good if my system goes down with some cryptic error message.

Now, if the amd64 is indeed fully supported, this leads me to another
question: what hardware is supported? I'm mainly thinking of
mainboards and their chipsets here, as I reckon most of the regular
hardware (graphics cards, sound cards, etc) are compatible with both
the amd64 and the i386 platform (if I got the wrong idea here, please
tell me!). What chipsets would you recommend? I kinda have my eye on
the nForce chipset, as I understand this is good for multimedia (and
gaming), but I'm open to suggestions.

Many questions here, any and all answers are welcomed. Thanks in advance!

Henrik W Lund
Student at Østfold College,
Department of Computer Science.

PS: please (b)cc: me, as I'm not (yet) a subscriber to this list.
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