FreeBSD vs eMachines M6805 part II

Chris Faulhaber jedgar at
Wed Feb 25 08:13:04 PST 2004

(crossposting to -amd64 and -mobile, please reply to either as
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I broke down last week and picked up an AMD Athlon 64-based
eMachines M6805 Laptop.  Overall I am quite happy with it.

Under FreeBSD 5.2.1RC1 (i386) everything is supported except
the internal winmodem and internal Broadcom 54g-based wireless
adapter.  Supported hardware on the laptop: Athlon 64 3000+,
512M RAM, 60G HD, CDRW/DVD-ROM, USB, Firewire, CF/Memory stick
reader, Rhine II ethernet, 15.5" display with a ATI Radeon 9600
(requires XFree 3.99.xx).  Very fast and quite affordable
($1300 after rebates from the local Best Buy).

In order to get the ethernet controller and USB working I had
to disable APIC support (same under Linux).  ACPI seems to
work fine under FreeBSD but Linux does not like the PCI
handling and requires 'pci=noacpi'.

So far I have had no luck getting FreeBSD 5.2.1-RC1 amd64 to
boot on the laptop.  The loader loads the kernel and displays
the menu but upon before any messages from the kernel have
shown on the console the machine locks.  Same for NetBSD amd64.
Linux amd64 works as well as FreeBSD i386 though.

More info, including dmesg and pciconf info, can be found

Any help on getting FreeBSD amd64 supported would be greatly

Chris D. Faulhaber - jedgar at - jedgar at
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