Freebsd/amd64 on Sun Fire V20z?

Oliver Fromme olli at
Fri Feb 13 04:44:25 PST 2004


The subject says it all ...  Does ayone happen to have an
idea whether FreeBSD/amd64 will run on a Sun Fire V20z?
If it doesn't, I assume that FreeBSD/i386 will do for the
moment, right?

In the smallest configuration it's available for ~ $2800
which seems pretty cheap, taking the data into account
(1U form factor, up to two processors, two U320 SCSI
drive bays, two gigabit ethernet ports, 8 DIMM slots for
up to 16 Gb RAM), _and_ the fact that it carries a cool
Sun logo.  ;-)

I mean, for comparison, an x86-based HP Proliant DL360-G3
is just about the same price (or even a bit more), while
having roughly the same data (1U, 2 x U320, 2 x gigabit),
but only 32bit intel Xeon, not 64bit AMD Opteron.

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