System advice requested

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Fri Feb 13 03:16:57 PST 2004

Like you suggest:
    I've also got some taxes to burn
But also:
    I'd like to play

And to be honest:
    In my new house 8Gb isn't going to cover all.
    It needs to:
        stream audio CD's and DVD's
        capture secure cams
        function as a database server for the domotica system
        central store and backup for all other PC's 4*W2K 5*FBSD

I was thinking of adding at least 1T of diskspace and see if either
vinum, ccd, GEOM or something that is to come would be able to do 
the job.

I knew about the SATA stuff from current@, but I would expect that
carefull choices can prevent some of the major pittfalls.
I'll have a go at the archive.

Since your .nl too, any price indications and/or shop-advices???


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> On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
> > If I were to get a dual opteron board/system what things would be
> > to watch out for, or would be required. Hardware wise that is.
> >
> > In the beginning I would like to use is as:
> >     1) FreeBSD/windows/linux desktop
> > and lateron it would turn into my
> >     2) Home NFS/Samba-server running FBSD
> For all of that, dual opteron sounds massively overdone. Unless you can
> write off the system for tax purposes, or desperately want to play with
> dually stuff, there's no performance benefit over, say, an athlon XP
> 1600+. Performance in the sense of "snappy desktop use".
> Put another way - the reason for having a dual board is massive compute
> power and/or massive memory. I don't see much point in having 8G of memory
> in a home NFS server (unless you want to cache _everything_), and for
> desktop use, again, a single is really all you need. Unless your house
> needs heating, of course.
> There are several hardware-issues related threads in the archives at
> -- it looks like some
> SATA stuff is to be avoided, depending on your FBSD install image the GigE
> may give you some trouble and require a different NIC for fetching newer
> sources, 4+2 DIMM configurations are crap.

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