shaky support or my system?

Janne Johansson jj at
Mon Feb 9 00:40:31 PST 2004

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|>>>in either fbsd5.2 nor the recent 5.2.1RC. One of the things that makes
|>>>it crash for sure is the /usr/ports/benchmarks/ubench program. It does
|>>Don't run that, it'll just tell you that the system is only
marginally faster
|>>than the athlon XP it replaces.
|>I've reproduced Janne's panic with ubench twice.  Both show similar
|>outputs from the panic.  Panic #3 is proving more elusive: I'm running
|>ubench for the fourth time in a row now waiting for crash #3.
| Unfortunately it appears my case was a false alarm.
| My Tyan K8W S2885 is not stable unless ECC is turned off in ROM setup.

I switched my memory chips around and found that one seems to cause more
instability, and removing it made me be able to run that stupid app
"ubench". ;-)

Now I can build several ports in a row without hanging, but I do still
get the odd freeze sometimes. Since memtest86 wont work (on my) A64, is
there something else I can do to stress my memory chips? Which
bench/whatever for FBSD would you recommend to me so I know when/if I
have a stable setup?

I got more or less all available kernel errors, I started listing them
on a postit, from a "GPF" to "freeing membuf twice" but when I had some
10 or so different error messages, I realised it couldn't be the code or
so and went to my hardware. Thanks for you help though.
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