amd64/62239: GDT8514RZ freezes System after a few Minutes

Haapanen, Tom tomh at
Mon Feb 2 02:42:31 PST 2004

David O'Brien wrote:
> Please add some detail.  What in the world is a "GDT8514RZ"?
> What motherboard do you have?  What CPU(s)?  What memory? 
> Is the  system stable with out the "GDT8514RZ" (what ever it is)?

As far as I know, the GDT8514RZ is a RAID controller from ICP -- I think it
uses the iir driver.

I saw that some other people had freezing problems with it with FreeBSD/i386
when using RAID 4 or RAID 5, so this may have nothing to do with amd64.

My web search also indicated that beta controller firmware from ICP may fix
this issue.


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