Dual processor, AMD 64 machine freezing.

Haapanen, Tom tomh at waterloo.equitrac.com
Sun Feb 1 15:35:47 PST 2004

Which Thunder model?  K8S, K8S Pro, K8SR, K8W?

I run a K8S Pro with dual 244s (couldn't find any 246s and the 248s were
just too dear for me) and 2 GB ... and I started off with an Adaptec 2100S
RAID, but had consistent panics when booting.  Apparently the aac driver
isn't exactly 64-bit clean.

I switched to a used HP NetRAID 3Si (aka AMI MegaRAID 438), and the server
has run beatifully since then.  Now running an Opteron database server for
our production web site!

P.S. For best performance, I think you really want to run 4x 512 MB.
Running with two DIMMs means either you only get 64-bit memory access (not
128-bit) or else you need to put both DIMMs into the CPU1 memory slots
(which means CPU2 will have to access those through hypertransport).


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Howdy all,

	I've just installed 5.2-RELEASE-AMD64 on a dual opteron 248 machine,
with the following specs :

Tyan Thunder Motherboard
2 x Opteron 248
2 x 1GB sticks PC 2700 ECC ram
adaptec scsi raid card.
raid 5 array + 1 hot spare.
Motherboard has onboard video, dual intel gigabit nics (bge).

The output from the dmesg can be found on

The last freeze I had it was a panic, but the majority of the time the
machine completely locks up. Any help people can give me would be much
appreciated, I can't even do a build world as it fails within 5 minutes of
kicking off the buildworld.


Mark Sergeant <msergeant at snsonline.net>
SNSOnline Technical Services

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