XFree86 on FreeBSD 5.2.1

Moody, Bill Bill.Moody at scigames.com
Thu Apr 22 08:49:14 PDT 2004


I have just purchaced a new 64bit laptop and have installed the 64bit
version of 5.2.1 FreeBSD on it.  I am having a difficult time getting the X
server to work properly though.

The laptop has an Radeon 9600 chipset in it.  This is not supported via a
normal server as of yet.  I was able to get Linux to install properly using
the standard VESA driver and the FrameBuffer driver.  These interfaces do
not appear to be available on  this distrobution.

Has anyone had any luck getting the Radeon 9600 to work properly with the 64
bit version?  Are there other interfaces I might try?

Thank you,


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