va_list q

Valentin Nechayev netch at
Wed Apr 21 22:01:37 PDT 2004

I was notified that maintained port (net/pppd23) can't be built on amd64.
Failure message is:

cc -O -pipe   -g -I../include -DHAVE_PATHS_H -D_BITYPES  -c utils.c
utils.c: In function `vslprintf':
utils.c:253: error: invalid use of non-lvalue array
*** Error code 1

The code in question is:

vslprintf(buf, buflen, fmt, args)
#ifndef __powerpc__
>            n = vslprintf(buf, buflen + 1, f, va_arg(args, va_list));
            /* On the powerpc, a va_list is an array of 1 structure */
            n = vslprintf(buf, buflen + 1, f, va_arg(args, void *));

(I selected failed line with '>')

va_arg() uses translation to pointer to specified type; this translation
fails with message shown above. (Translation is used AFAIS on all platforms,
but only amd64 causes error.) I have no freebsd/amd64 box now. Can anybody
say how can it be fixed, and whether shown powerpc hack is applicable
to amd64 if it's last-resort solution?


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