NIC related problems on amd64...

James R. Van Artsalen james at
Fri Apr 9 17:58:22 PDT 2004

Jeff Racine wrote:

>I am setting up a dual opteron box, and have experienced problems that I can't seem to track down. I installed 5.2.1 from cd and the problem appeared righ away when I tried to rsync the new hd with my laptop hd, upgraded to current and it is still there.
>The symptoms are that rsync and the amd64-friendly cvsup, when used, appear to crash the nic interface (and it is repeatable). It seems to be some combination of small files and/or disk write activity. However, sftp and ftp appear to work fine (I have to cvsup ports on my laptop then tar and transfer to get ports current). Once crashed, only a reboot appears to cure the problem (ifconfig sk0 xxxx netstat xxx etc. does not work, nor does /etc/netstart). The system has a 3ware escalade sata 8000 series raid controller in raid 1 configuration.

You might be more specific about the motherboard, model,  CPU model, 
DRAM, etc, disk system configuration and especially what "crash the nic 
interface" means.

I've never had a NIC problem but I use a Tyan S2885 which uses the bge 
NIC inteface.  I don't recall any pattern of bug reports with NICs in 
the past..

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