Anyone using AMD64 + FreeBSD + openldap? (was: openldap-2.1.27 -

Tilman Linneweh tilman+2004-04-08 at
Thu Apr 8 14:09:42 PDT 2004

* Jason Lixfeld [Do, 08 Apr 2004 at 19:35 GMT]:
>> I use OpenLDAP 2.2/back-bdb/bdb 4.2.52+patches on RELENG_4.
>> I don't see such problems.  I just now starting to toy with
>> RELENG_5_2.
> What hardware are you using?  I can't run BDB because of AMD64 issues 
> with fast mutexes so I'm using ldbm instead.
>> I also note that I haven't had any problems using db_recover
>> to recover from hard crashes.
> Again, this would be fine if I could run BDB.

Matthias Andree suggested, a possible workaround to the problems with 
the fast mutexes may be to add --with-mutex=x86/gcc-assembly to the 

Can you test, if this fixes your problems?


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