SMP problems Bi-Opteron/HDAMA

James R. Van Artsalen james at
Wed Apr 7 01:07:35 PDT 2004

Georges-Andre Silber wrote:

> surville# diff GENERIC SURVILLE
> 23c23
> < ident         GENERIC
> ---
> > ident         SURVILLE
> As you can see, no big changes :-)
> I don't know what to do with my kernel to activate ACPI by default...

See if FreeBSD/i386 sees both processors.  In particular, see if 
FreeBSD/i386 detects ACPI or the APIC.

See if there is a newer BIOS for that motherboard.

See if ACPI is disabled in ROM setup.

My theory is that FreeBSD/amd64 is OK and that BIOS for whatever reason 
it not presenting ACPI correctly.

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