K8S Pro and FreeBSD

Tommi Lätti sty at iki.fi
Sun Apr 4 09:37:22 PDT 2004

I was doing some digging around various mailing lists and so but actually I
couldn't find definite answers for the following questions about some
specific things...

I'm thinking about building a box with the K8S Pro with dual 240's and
4x256M of memory. I was wondering that:

a) does the on-board SATA raid controller work with amd64, and in raid-1
configuration? It seems that the sata drives come with a nice pricetag
compared to purchasing an scsi raid controller and the disks to go with.

b) how about the GBDE? I actually need it so I was naturally wondering if it
works nicely with the amd64 branch. It seems to scale just nicely with a
dual p3 (running the latests 5.2.1).

c) the memory configuration. I'm under the impression that I'll get the most
bandwith out of the memory if I install 2 modules per processor?

d) The linux emulation? The F-Secure guys don't have an freebsd port of
their management server so I have to run a couple of linux binaries... (It's
dirty and I don't like doing it that way but can't help it either)

I guess that all the other more common software run just nicely. Apache,
MySQL, PHP4, net-snmpd, GD2, postfix, cyrus, dspam to be precise...


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