SMP issues on K8S Pro S2882G3NR

Cassidy B. Larson butch at
Fri Apr 2 09:13:00 PST 2004

One more question I had.

What's the typical temperature of two 246 opterons?  We have it in a 1U box
with fans and ventilation galore, but when I push the box for more then 20
seconds with 0 CPU free, it freezes.  A quick power cycle into the BIOS
details that I'm running at over 95 degrees centigrade.  Letting it cool
down will let me run my CPU test another 2-3 times then freezes again.

I looked through the Tyan manual and found nothing of the halt temperature,
nor AMD's site.

If needs be I may send this back and get a 2U case with better cooling.


On 4/2/04 1:37 AM, "alan barrow" <alan.barrow at> wrote:

> Horrrayyyyyyyyyyyyy
> Yes.... Nice.... (I enjoy peoples victories in the morning)
> I think your assumption is correct, I will check with tyan uk this
> afternoon on it though, but I think your on a roll dude :)
> yours a.r.b.

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