installing Free BSD amd-64

eq320 at eq320 at
Wed Sep 10 19:51:07 PDT 2003

Possible problems installing Free BSD
 I installed FreeBSD version 5.1 , I believe second last version on my dual Opteron system, (MSI motherboard K8D Master - F), IDE 40 gigabyte HD.
  Problems I have had installing Free BSD in the past seem to be related to using too small a hard drive, that is very small ones of 1-2 gigabyte and/or hard disk partitioning problems possibly related to using too small a hard drive and or ignorance when not using the automatic partitioning and labelling.  This computer system i am using also has 512 MBytes RAM, though I doubt that would be a problem.
  These problems can be mysterious things until they are resolved of course.

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