didn't notice the x86-64 -> amd64 change

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Mon May 19 15:28:14 PDT 2003

Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
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> Just a quick notice that was not aligned for the
> x86-64 -> amd64 rename.

Thanks for the pointer.  This is the least of our problems at the moment
though.  I've changed it in the p4 tree, but I half suspect that it will
blow things up.  Just because it has sse and sse2, it isn't programmed the
same way as it is in i386 platforms.  ie: any sse or sse2 code will not
work.  This is probably a flaw in the mechanism itself because
it has no way to express this.  Just like the ia64 stuff has sse, but it
too is incompatable with i386 sse.

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