a (re-)Introduction

Thierry Thomas thierry at freebsd.org
Sat Jun 6 16:48:37 UTC 2020

Le sam.  6 juin 20 à 18:44:36 +0200, Donald Wilde <dwilde1 at gmail.com>
 écrivait :

> Hello, FreeBSD Advocates!


> Many years ago, 1997 - 2000, Bob Bruce of Walnut Creek paid me to be
> an Advocate for FreeBSD.
> At the beginning of 2000, I orchestrated a three-way public press
> conference with the NetBSD Project and Apple Computer about therelease
> of Darwin, their FOSS project that quickly became MAC OS.
> I'm fortunate that I no longer need greenbacks to support my belief in
> FreeBSD, and I'd like to again contribute. Advocacy is the first step
> to acceptance! :D

Welcome back!
Th. Thomas.
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