FreeBSD has a politics problem

Federico Caminiti demian.fc at
Thu Mar 8 19:44:26 UTC 2018

2018-03-08 14:07 GMT-03:00 Mike Oliver, KT2T <m at>:

> Surely, there is overlap among those who want to use FreeBSD and those
> who are embarrassed for the project given how the CoC has been received,
> and in that overlap group I can see how some would perceive the CoC as
> unnecessary, unnecessarily specific, or insulting.
 I myself am also  concerned about this.  The initial intention to create a
Code of Conduct was announced in the " freebsd-announce" mailing list (1)
but no further discussion seems to have taken place anywhere. There is a
"conduct" mailing list (2) which sound like it was created for a discussion
of this sort, but as of today (08/03/2018) it seems to be empty. Like many,
my main point of contention is that this was decided behind closed doors
and there was no public discussion on the matter.

What was the rationale for choosing Geek Feminism Wiki as guide on how to
implement a code of conduct and not for example, the KDE Code of Conduct
(3) or the Contributor Covenant (4) ?. The last one seems closer in spirit
to what is trying to be achieved here, without inflamatory and/or
politically charged language. Maybe there are non-arbitrary reasons behind
the creation of this new CoC, but since it was discussed in private, we
have no way to know.

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