FreeBSD has a politics problem

Randi Harper randi at
Tue Mar 6 01:20:33 UTC 2018

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 2:46 PM, Julian H. Stacey <jhs at> wrote:

> Read
>   It's a mess of some sense & some ridiculous, force fed to FreeBSD.
>   Expect some not to like force feeding, or proponents thereof.
>   Expect forceful opposition to force feeding.
> We're waiting for Deb to say if Foundation paid for CoC ?
> If so, it would be nice if FreeBSD Foundation got a refund for CoC
> & spent it on a a student janitor to clear up years old send-pr's.
> I agree with the other person's thoughts that FreeBSD fixes uncommited
> for years destroys incentive to file more fixes.
You know, a lot of things happen in FreeBSD that I don't give a flying fuck
about. Research and code is done around hardware and tools that I'll never
use, because they don't fit my needs - and that's ok. Generally speaking,
despite everything, I generally trust that the FreeBSD Foundation and
FreeBSD Core both have the project's health and growth as their top
priority. That trust is important, because I'm just a person with my own
singular set of experiences and priorities, and I can't know everything
that's happening in FreeBSD all the time or make a good judgement call as
to what's needed that fits outside of my own focus.

I don't complain when donated money is used on tech that I'll never use.
This isn't any different. If you think that managing your community should
take less of a priority than managing code, then you might want to sit back
and think for a bit about why the Foundation and Core would bother with
this CoC.

If you disagree with the priorities of the project or the foundation, you
can always make it your goal to get into a position where you are the one
making those decisions. Although I expect that with the amount of
experience and time required, by the time this was achieved, you probably
would have changed your mind about a few things.

I also don't generally advise going to someone on the Foundation and
demanding that they provide receipts, especially when CC:ing a mailing
list. It's not a good look for you or anyone.

Conversations about PRs are great to have. Yes, there's a lot of
maintenance work that needs to be done. But tying that to complaining about
a CoC is disingenuous at best.

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